How Much Money Has Al Gore Made From Global Warming

Al Gore has been a major proponent of the global warming discussion since the 1980s, and his 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth is credited with bringing environment and climate change issues to the forefront of public dialogue. Since then, questions have been raised about how much money Gore has personally made from his work. To answer this question, we must look at all the angles involved, from his income from environmental initiatives, to the financial benefits of his films and books.

An estimated $100 million has been generated from the sale of rights for An Inconvenient Truth, the proceeds of which would have been shared between the film distributors, co-producers, and Gore’s private company, Generation Investment Management. With the success of this film, Gore was able to launch multiple ventures, such as his Current TV channel, and his environmental venture-capital fund, Generation Investment Management.

In addition, Gore has received a great deal of money through speaking engagements, including a significant sum for a single speaking engagement in Saudi Arabia, and reported potential income of $175 million over a decade-long period. Gore has been involved in multiple other initiatives and investments, such as his involvement in the fibre-optic communications enterprise, Carthage Networks, and early investments in Google and Apple. According to reports, Gore has received at least $200 million in total income directly or indirectly related to global warming discussions over the years.

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